Litigation Investigations

Litigation Support Investigations

We set the bar as an industry leader and are well versed in servicing our client’s needs providing actionable results across a broad range of services supporting the insurance, corporate and private sectors

Insurance Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations

We understand our role in being effective while remaining cost conservative in all our endeavours and our success rate has made us an irreplaceable investigations provider to our clients

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

We are well versed and accomplished in our offerings, understanding our clients are the backbone of our economy. We are firm in our resolve providing quality actionable results with a resonating cost benefit 

Private Sector Investigations

Private Personal Investigations

We understand the pressure and stress of dealing with sensitive matters and have tailored our services to be streamlined and effective offering resolve and piece of mind.

Technological Crime Unit

Technological Crime and Cyber Crime

Our TCU, staffed with experienced IT analysts, security analysts, and fraud investigators specially trained to locate, detect, and secure digital evidence within legal parameters. 

Protection Investigative Services

Protection Services

Our network of professionals are  dedicated with your safety as our main priority. We offer protective investigative services for executives, private, assets and data.